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V.S. Datey

Sunil Gabhawalla


Guest Column

Need to Rationalize provisions of Input Tax Credit under the Revised Model GST Law

Introduction 1. This article analyses and highlights certain provisions under the Input Tax Credit, which require reconsideration under GST. These provisions do not take forward basic theme of GST, i

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Dr Arpit HaldiaCA

What Next?- If government would miss Sept. 2017 deadline for GST roll-out?

Introduction 1. The constitution of India has been amended by 101st Constitutional Amendment Act, 2016 on 9th day of September, 2016 and GST council was appointed on 12th September, 2016 to decide ke

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Supply - Redefined in Revised GST Act, 2016-Part - II

Supply has various limbs and all such limbs are independent to each other. We shall be analyzing each limb of Section 3 under separate write ups under the series on supply. If we talk about supply an

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Anandaday MisshraFounder Advocate, AMLEGALS

Supply- Redefined in Revised GST Act,2016-Part - I

The definition of supply has been a matter of discussion for long . The most discussed aspect of this definition is that it starts with the expression "supply includes". The revised draft GST Act,201

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Anandaday MisshraFounder Advocate, AMLEGALS

Model GST Laws Infographics

Know GST - Part V-A

Time of Supply-Goods

Know GST - Part IV-B

Supply without consideration also taxable under GST

Know GST - Part IV(A)

Meaning of Supply under GST

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