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Updated upto 17th August, 2017
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GST - An overview
Taxable event in GST
Supply of Goods or services or both
Classification of goods and services
Value of taxable supply of goods or services or both
Valuation Rules if value for GST not ascertainable
Vat concept and its application in GST
Input Tax Credit (ITC)
Illustrations of utilization of input tax credit
Input Tax Credit when exempted as well as taxable supplies made
Input Service Distributor (ISD)
Person liable to pay tax
Place of supply of goods or services or both within India
Place of supply in case of export or import of goods or services or both
Exports and imports and SEZ supplies
Time of supply of goods and services
Reverse charge
Exemption from GST by issue of Notification
Composition Scheme in GST
Construction Services
Distributive Trade Services
Passenger Transport Service
Goods Transport Service
Financial and related services
Leasing or rental services and licensing services
Software and IPR Services
Business and production services
Telecommunication, broad- casting and information supply
Community social, personal and other services
Government related activities
Basic procedures in GST
Registration under GST
Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes
Payment of taxes by cash and through input tax credit
Returns under GST
Assessment and Audit
Demands and recovery
Refund in GST
Powers of GST Officers
Offences and penalties
First Appeal and revision in GST
Appeal before Appellate Tribunal
Appeals before High Court and Supreme Court
Prosecution and compounding
Provisions relating to evidence
Electronic Commerce
Miscellaneous issues in GST
IGST and GST Compensation Cess
Transitional provisions of ITC at the time of switching to GST on 1-7-2017
Constitutional Background of GST