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  • GST
    by Vivek on Tuesday, August 04, 2020  at 02:23 AM

    Dear Sir, There is No sale/purchase for the month of April & May 2020. So, I had filed NIL 3B. There is Sale & Purchase for the month of June'2020 month. But there is Net ITC Carry forward in June'2020. Qaurterly GSTR-1 was filed late on 10.8.2020. Query- Whether i should pay Interest & Late fees due to DELAY FILING OF R-1 ??

  • GST on costs allocation
    by Nipun on Tuesday, August 04, 2020  at 12:36 AM

    A Ltd is receiving cross charge from US company towards IT services on which company is paying GST under RCM. Invoice recd at Delhi & company has GST regn in 20 states. The amount is then cross charged from Delhi location to all other GST registrations within same legal entity at cost plus 10% in ratio of turnover with GST. Part of the cost is also cross charged to a separate affiliate entity at cost with GST. Is there any issue from GST valuation rules for both transactions?

  • GST
    by Vivek on Monday, August 03, 2020  at 10:43 PM

    Dear Sir, Continuing last query-- 1) If quarterly GSTR-1 is filed late on 10.8.20 & there is NET ITC CARRY FORWARD (i.e. after adjusting ITC with output liability) IN 3B, then whether I shall pay both Late fees and Interest  in R-1 ?? 2) If yes, pls tell the rate of intt & late fees amount ?? 3) Interest should be paid from 1.8.20 to 10.8.20 ??

  • GST
    by Vivek on Monday, August 03, 2020  at 10:38 PM

    I file GSTR-1 quarterly. My due date to file GSTR-1 was 31.7.20. Extended date for GSTR-1 (waiver of late fees) is 3.8.20. Query- a) If there is any NET OUTPUT LIABLITY (i.e. after adjusting ITC with Output Tax ) in GSTR-3B. & R-1 is filed on 10.8.20, BOTH Late fees and Interest will be payable in "GSTR-1", Am i right ??           b) If 3B is filed NIL,& there is DELAY in filing R-1 (i.e.10.8.20), then whether BOTH Late fees and Interest will be payable in "GSTR-1" ??

  • Library Services
    by Kamal Garg on Monday, August 03, 2020  at 05:52 PM

    Sir I was referring yours Book. As per exemption notification public library services are exempt. What is the meaning of public library. Whether any registration is required for running a public library

  • GST on sale of business assets
    by Sudheer on Monday, August 03, 2020  at 04:07 PM

    My client is in the business of oil transportation. They are selling DCM truck which is shown as an asset in balance sheet. Is Gst applicable on the same ? which provision should I refer to understand the calculation of the same thank you pls guide

  • GST on GTA
    by Sudheer on Monday, August 03, 2020  at 04:05 PM

    From OCT 13th 2017 RCM was deferred for unregistered persons. My client has received inward services from unregistered transporters. Does this relaxation of RCM applicable to unregistered transporters? or it is mandatory to pay RCM for unregistered transporters? pl. guide thank you

  • Separate bank accounts
    by Jitesh on Monday, August 03, 2020  at 02:55 PM

    Sir, If a company operates through various retail branches across India, does the GST Law mandate to have separate bank accounts for each State GSTIN? Or can it operate through a single bank account for all the transactions across India?

  • Job work
    by SANJEEV AGARWAL on Monday, August 03, 2020  at 12:31 AM

    Dear Sir, This in continue of my query regarding we are sending HR coil for pipe fabrication 50 km from our factory to one sub contractor who is working in our factory , doing fabrication but different dia. for sending HR coil 50 km far from our factory still we have enered LOI/WO . Sir , please guide for sending materail for Job work any agreement/wo required , if wo/loi not available can tax authority can do any harssament.

  • Export of Service
    by Mrudul on Sunday, August 02, 2020  at 07:38 PM

    XYZ (India) is a 100% service exporter to its overseas parent company and has two major activities. 1) marketing and promotion of the parent company products in India; and 2) customer support centre (call centre) for the parent companies’ customers/prospects all over the world. The parent company has a cost-plus service arrangement with the parent. Is it an export of service and therefore no GST?

  • GST registration
    by Anoop on Sunday, August 02, 2020  at 04:23 PM

    If the applicable rate of GST is Nil in case of printed books and we want to do inter state business then whether GST REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED OR NOT.

    by SUSHIL SHARMA on Sunday, August 02, 2020  at 04:03 PM

    Respected Sir, My client has got approval for opening of petrol pump. My query is that as lubricant comes under GST & petrol,diesel under vat.Petrol ,diesel are taxed at first stage under Punjab vat act. If we have to take registration under Vat & GST both or only under gst act.Please clearly specify what to do ?

  • GST Registration
    by Mayuri on Sunday, August 02, 2020  at 03:52 PM

    My client is having rent from commercial property Rs. 18 lakhs He is selling personal jewellery consideration of which is 20 lakhs. Is GST registration required? Thank you!

  • GST Registration
    by Mayuri on Sunday, August 02, 2020  at 03:52 PM

    Pl. clarify us on the following matter: Is GST applicable on sale of personal jewellery? Case 1 : Sale consideration is Rs. 19 Lakhs Case 2: Sale consideration is Rs. 50 lakhs Thank You!

  • ITC Claim
    by Mayuri on Sunday, August 02, 2020  at 03:46 PM

    Pl. clarify us on the following point: Our client has not paid GST under RCM in FY:2017-18 but it was realised at the time of Department audit. If we pay the same now, can we claim ITC for the same. Thank you!

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