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  • air fare ticket , train ticket in employee name
    by arun on Sunday, March 29, 2020  at 04:06 PM

    dear sir (1)first class air fare ticket and airconditioner train ticket is in the name of company's employee for business tour. If gst number of company is provided then can company claim input tax credit. (2) mobile post-paid bill provided/reimbursed by the company to employees. Can input tax credit be claimed if in bill: (a) name and address of employee's home given (b) name of employee but address of company given (c) name of employee with c/o of company name and address of company giv

  • GST
    by Vivek on Sunday, March 29, 2020  at 02:47 PM

    Dear Sir, Benefit of utilising IGST ITC against Output CGST & SGST (after utilisation against Output IGST) IN "EQUAL PROPORTION" is AVAILABLE ONLY IF TOTAL ITC (IGST+CGST+SGST) FOR THE MONTH > TOTAL OUTPUT TAX (IGST+CGST+SGST). Am i right ? 2) In other words, if TOTAL ITC (IGST+CGST+SGST) FOR THE MONTH < TOTAL OUTPUT TAX (IGST+CGST+SGST), THEN IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER IGST ITC is Utilised IN EQUAL PROPORTION OR NOT (i.e. whether Rule 88 A Followed or Sec 49(5) is followed. Am i right?

  • GST
    by Vivek on Sunday, March 29, 2020  at 01:52 PM

    Sir, A Hotel has provided complimentary room to M.D. of Hotel. NO TARIFF WAS CHARGED IN BILL. NO GST IS CHARGED IN BILL. Query- I THINK THAT GST SHOULD BE CHARGED IN THE INVOICE @ 12% BCOZ M.D IS ALSO A RELATED PARTY (EMPLOYEE) OF HOTEL. Do you agree ?? 2) THE AMOUNT ON WHICH GST SHOULD BE CHARGED WILL BE OPEN MARKET VALUE OF SUCH ROOM ?? Am i right ?? 2) On In Room Dining GST @ 5% or 12% should apply, if room rent < 7500. Should we charge GST @ 12%, TREATING COMPOSITE SUPPLY ??

  • Meaning of Authorised Person
    by rajesh bhauwala on Sunday, March 29, 2020  at 01:09 PM

    1. Whether the sign on Sales Invoicecan be only auth person regd on GSt portal or it means any staff authorised by prop./Partner as staff who sign changes frequently. 2.Whether Godown where we stores the goods is also required to register as APOB though no sales from there but goods are despatched from that placed as per orders. Dept. says that you have illegally removed the goods from regd. place to godown without payment of duty & also goods directly recd.on godown are not entitled for ITC.

  • Adjudication in gst
    by DODIA RAJENDRASINH BALVANTSINH on Saturday, March 28, 2020  at 05:23 PM

    What is adjudication in GST?

  • GST on Inland Ocean freight
    by ganapathy nambirajan on Saturday, March 28, 2020  at 04:28 PM

    The contract entered in pre-GST period and continue in post-GST period. Contract covers from loading of coal from mines to the port through road, rail and ocean route. The contractor raises two bill. One for ocean and another one other than ocean. In both GST 18% was paid. However in the recent concluded contract two GST rate was approved. One for 5% for Ocean freight and 18% for other than ocean. Query:- Whether 18% paid earlier for the ocean freight, could now be recovered from contractor.

  • GST applicability on Deed of Apartment in case of scheme constructed on amalgamated plot of land.
    by Swapnil on Saturday, March 28, 2020  at 11:45 AM

    Sir, I hv registered 3 flats through Deed of Apartment in Nov. 19 in my name & 2 flats in the name of another land owner. So you are requested to give expert opinion aw which value I should show in 3B & GSTR1 (As DOA have no value) & @ what rate I should pay GST? whether @18% without excluding plot value or @ 1% as the plot area is less than 5000 Sq. Ft.

  • time of supply -associated enterprises
    by arun on Friday, March 27, 2020  at 09:24 PM

    dear sir as per section 13(3) cgst act, second proviso- time of supply of services in case of associated enterprises where supplier is located outside india the time of supply shall be earliest of entry in books or payment. query - time of supply for services between associated enterprises ,both located in india, will section 13(2) of cgst act will be applicable .

  • GST on Advance
    by Vivek on Friday, March 27, 2020  at 09:18 PM

    If Advance of Rs 30000 is received by a Hotel from a person against organising a wedding party on 25-01-2019. However,wedding party was cancelled.The Advance money WAS REFUNDED TO CUSTOMER ON 20.2.20.OUR GSTR-3B HAS BEEN FILED FOR JAN'19 MONTH & WE HAVE DEPOSITED TAX OF RS 1429(30000*5/105) AGAINST THIS ADVANCE TREATING INCLUSIVE OF TAXES. Query-WHAT TO DO NOW? 2)Whether we will get refund of amt deposited? 3)IF ADVANCE IS NOT REFUNDED INSTEAD IT IS FORFEITED BY HOTEL,THEN WHAT TO Do?

  • registration exemption 40 lakh limit
    by arun on Friday, March 27, 2020  at 02:54 PM

    dear sir notification no. 10/2019 for registration exemption upto 40 lakh for supply of goods . Exception provided for "persons exercising option under the provisions of sub-section (3) of section 25"(voluntary regn). query-(1)if a person is already registered u.s 25(3) then he can not get benefit of this notification. Am i correct sir? (2) if any person supply goods exclusively and his turnover during last year or current year was/will be less then Rs 40 lakh then can he cancel registratio

  • registration exemption 40 lakh limit
    by arun sahu on Friday, March 27, 2020  at 02:42 PM

    dear sir, notification no. 10/2019 registration exemption for 40 lakh sale. (1)"whose aggregate turnover in the financial year does not exceed forty lakh rupees". where to see for 40 lakh limit - (a) last year (b) current year (c) both (d) any of last year or current year. (2)"Exclusive supply of goods"- means (a)supply of servieces of even one rupee not allowed? (b) exempted/no gst supply of services of even one rupee not allowed?

  • GST impact on amount written back towards stale cheques and trade payables
    by MANISH on Friday, March 27, 2020  at 02:12 PM

    Dear Sir, What will be GST Impact, when a company written back the liabilities of stale cheques and trade payables (more than 3yrs) which are relating to the Pre GST era? Shall the company needs to pay the GST on the such amount written back? If yes, then at which rate? Or the company needs to reverse its GST Input? Please advice.

  • IGST utilisation
    by Sreekumar on Friday, March 27, 2020  at 11:52 AM

    Sir Can a dealer use the IGST ITC fully and then only CGST and SGST. In case dealer uses his IGST ITC 50% against CGST and 50% against SGST and then the CGST and SGST liability against CGST and SGST respectively. This is done to avoid cash payment of SGST. Your reply was"obviously he can object as it is clearly against legal provision". But I saw another reply by you informing after utilising IGST against IGSTpayment balance IGST can be used in any proportion to adjust CGST & SGST. Pl clarify.

  • on line information and database
    by arun sahu on Thursday, March 26, 2020  at 08:22 PM

    dear sir (1)online information and database service provided by foreign company to indian co who is registered under the gst act. In this case indian company who is registered under gst act, will pay gst on reverse charge basis and foreign company can not charge gst. Am i correct sir (2) there are several instances when foreign company also charges gst in situation mentioned in serial number (1) above. then is it compulsory to pay gst on reverse charge again?

  • late fees/penalty for not filing of ITC04 job work details by principal
    by arun sahu on Thursday, March 26, 2020  at 08:16 PM

    dear sir what is late fees and penalty for non filing of ITC04 by principal related to job work

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