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    by KARAN on Monday, November 19, 2018  at 08:30 PM

    I have to file 3B for the month of October 2018 and in this month at least three persons have deducted TDS under GST and one person has filed the return whose credit is being reflected. Can I accept that TDS credit and file my return and for others, can I take credit in the month of November 2018) later on when they file the TDS Return or I have to wait for filing the return for the month of October 2018.

  • GST on sub broker
    by manoj on Monday, November 19, 2018  at 08:07 PM

    A person is sub-broker procuring business from such clients developed by him. he gets a share of brokerage from his main broker for the business done by him. The turnover of the sub-broker is below Rs. 20 Lacs. Is he liable to get registered under GST in pursuance to clause 24(vii) of the CGST act?

  • Place of Supply
    by VISHAL PASAD on Monday, November 19, 2018  at 01:32 PM

    I am regi dealer in Maharashtra. Kindly clear my doubts regarding cgst/sgst or igst to be charged when goods are billed to A company, Delhi and on A Co's direction shipped to A' branch company, Nashik. Should it be three party transaction and charge igst as both A co and A's branch is registered as two separate entity in GST or should it be cgst/sgst as they are same company so place of supply should be location of recipient. Also, what if A's nashik branch is not regi then what to tax.

  • discount due to exchange - GST effect
    by Davison on Monday, November 19, 2018  at 01:26 PM

    Dear Sir, a TV has been purchased by the company and did exchange the old one. the seller raised a GST invoice charging GST on actual price and then reduced the price agreed for the old one. should the company raise an invoice for the old one ? OR it can be treated as a discount and reduce GST proportionality. Old TV was purchased during the Service tax regim and did not take the ST credit. regards davison

  • Annual return clause 14
    by Rohit on Monday, November 19, 2018  at 11:23 AM

    Sir as per clause 14 of annual return where reconciliation of ITC declared in annual return with ITC availed on expenses as per Audited Financial Statement (AFS) or books has to be done. Query :- Suppose as per AFS rent is 1 crore out of which 80 lacs paid to registered vendor on which ITC has been claimed rest 20 lacs paid to unregistered dealer. Which number whether (1cr or 80 lacs) furnished in value column for reco.

  • Input eligibility under gst
    by Thyagarajan on Sunday, November 18, 2018  at 06:58 PM

    i am exporting manufacturing goods to out of india as well domestic. I got the duty draw back against the goods exported @ 1.5%. And also i claimed input tax credit against my RM and services for the manufacturing of the goods exported. Still shall i claim the ITC on the products and services procured as well as duty draw @1.5%. I have adjusted all my inputs against my output liability on domestic sale and so far i haven't applied for any refund.Am i eligible for both benefit?

  • GST on surrender of tenancy rights
    by Parvez on Saturday, November 17, 2018  at 10:23 PM

    We are 3 sisters married and have inherited tenency rights jointly in father's properly. We intend to surrender our tenancy rights. The purchaser will make seperate payments to 3 parties. 1. Whether surrender of tenancy rights will be liable to GST ? 2. Whether threshold exemption of Rs. 20 lakh will be available to 3 sisters individually i.e. of Rs. 20 lakh each or will not be available or will be proportionately available. They don't have any other income.

  • TDS under GST
    by Chirag on Saturday, November 17, 2018  at 09:33 PM

    Dear Sir, The amount of TDS (under GST) deducted by the deductor will be Credited to E- Cash Ledger of the deductee ?? 2) If yes, but pls tell that as per CBIC ready reckoner on TDS , it is written that --" the amount deducted would be available in FORM GSTR 2A/4A of the registered deductee and the same would be credited in his electronic cash ledger. Query- If it will be DIRECTLY credited to E-CASH ledger what is the use of GSTR 2A (which is related with ITC) ??

    by Hardik on Saturday, November 17, 2018  at 04:40 PM


  • error in e-way bill
    by RAMVIR on Saturday, November 17, 2018  at 03:55 PM

    During the preparation of e-way bill, system captured wrong invoice value. Observation noticed after 24 hours. Goods has been delivered at customer end. What we should do now ?

    by vk on Saturday, November 17, 2018  at 03:11 PM

    Dear Sir, In continuation to my earlier mail how get rid of huge late fees of gstr-3b. while assessee has very small turnover only 1 lac and gst involve Rs. 5000/- but late fees is going around 49,000/-

  • GST
    by Vivek on Saturday, November 17, 2018  at 01:51 PM

    X Ltd sold goods worth Rs.1 lacs to Y Ltd. GST will be charged @ 5% . Commission of Rs.50000 WAS ACTUALLY PAYABLE BY X LTD. X Ltd. requests Y Ltd. to PAY THE COMMISSION ON HIS (X LTD'S) BEHALF & Deduct this commission from Invoice. Thus, Y Ltd. paid this commission. Query- As per Sec.15(2)(b), whether Value of Taxable supply will be Rs.150000 (1lacs+0.50 lacs).Right sir? 2)On Rs 1.50 lacs GST@ 5% will be charged i.e.7500.And From 157500 (150000+7500) Rs. 50000 commission BE DEDUCTED.RIGHT SIR

  • GST on Services to employees
    by Mrudul on Saturday, November 17, 2018  at 01:11 PM

    XYZ paying rent for accommodation provided to employees and paying the repairs and maintenance charges for four wheelers owned by employees. Is XYZ liable to pay GST on it since, as per Section 15, persons shall be deemed to be 'related persons' if'' such persons are employer and employee and Further, as per Section 7, supply between related persons, even if made without consideration, will be treated as‘supply’?

  • GST Registration Cancellation
    by VK on Saturday, November 17, 2018  at 01:11 PM

    Sir, A assesse has not filed gstr-3b since Oct-2017 to till date but filed gstr-1 in one shot before 31.10.2017. his turn over is below 5 lac for fy 2017-18 and 1 lac of fy 2018-19. Now While he is trying to file his gstr-3b there are very huge late fee calculated. Now he want to close / cancel his gst registration without paying late fee. Can he apply for cancellation ?

  • Hotel stay outside India
    by Mrudul on Saturday, November 17, 2018  at 01:10 PM

    XYZ (India) is sending their employees abroad for company’s work. The employees are staying in a Hotel at abroad and bill for the same is paid through credit card by the employee initially and XYZ is then paying the same to the credit card company after receiving the invoice from credit card company. Is XYZ liable to pay GST on it under reverse charge being import of service? If yes under which provisions?

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