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Marine propellers & other vessels for preserving fishery products taxable at rate of 5% GST: AAR

November 3, 2018[2018] 99 53 (AAR - KERALA)

CGST : Marine propellers, Rudder set, Stern tube set, Propellers shaft, MS shaft for couplings used as part of fishing vessels, factory ships and other vessels for processing or preserving fishery products are taxable @5% GST.

• All parts of fishing/floating vessels come under the HSN Code 8902 are taxable @5% under Serial No.252 of 1st Schedule.

• The supply of parts under warranty being without consideration, no GST is payable. The value of supply made earlier includes the charges to be incurred during the warranty period. Therefore, the applicant who undertakes the warranty replacement is not required to reverse the input tax credit on the pans / components replaced.

• The supplier / manufacturer is eligible to avail the credit of higher input tax paid on purchase of raw materials, even though the manufactured products are taxable at lesser tax rate.

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