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‘Tata Harrier’ vehicle used for transportation of persons is a ‘motor car’ classified under Tariff Item 8703 32 91

May 7, 2019[2019] 105 85 (AAR - MAHARASHTRA)

GST: Tata Harrier vehicle is classifiable under Tariff Item 8703 32 91

GST: For any vehicle to be covered under Sr. No. 52B of Notification No. 1/2017-Compensation Cess (Rate), dated 28-6-2017 as amended, it has to satisfy conditions mentioned in main clause i.e. engine capacity above 1500cc and popularly known as SUV/UV as well as all conditions mentioned in Explanation thereto i.e, length exceeding 4000 mm and ground clearance of 170 mm and above

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