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Bombay HC grants bail to assessee on executing personal bond and surety as no evidence against him to temper documents

May 13, 2021[2021] 127 185 (Bombay)

GST : Where petitioner , chairman and managing director of a company, had been summoned on allegation that he had not deposited with government tax collected to tune of approx.. 6 crores and there had been illegal availment of ITC and arrested imputing commission of offences under section 132 , since petitioner had been summoned on various dates and barring a day on which he had undergone angioplasty , he had attended all dates and there had not been any evidence about petitioner's tampering with documents or trying to influence witnesses and petitioner had filed affidavit that he would deposit 5 crores under protest towards alleged amount of tax evasion to demonstrate bona fides , it would be appropriate to direct release of petitioner on executing personal bond and furnishing surety.

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